oh? posting to LJ? also, how to find me at FC

So I've basically been using LJ as a means to follow other people and and be a part of communities, rather than posting my own shit.

I'm also trying out this whole Tumblr thing, but mainly for posting pictures, but I guess I could do that here too (I'm too lazy and don't check all these sites i'm supposed to in order to be hip with the internet)  but here ya go, if you feel like following another one of my accounts that I'll hardly update :P

But, on to more important business. FURTHER CONFUSION! 
I'll be arriving Thursday afternoon and leaving on Monday whenever.  Getting party invitations all lined up, and trying to leave room so i can get drafted into random parties as well, (klingoooooons) :P
I am loving how this year FC is pretty much turning into let's all bake delicious things and bring them to parties convention, and I am not missing out on this, tomorrow I'll be creating red velvet cupcakes, rice krispie treats, and rum balls. 
I just heard that there is a possibility that ALL the rooms in the Marriott will have refrigerators D: I wish i knew if this were true, because then I would make Jell-O shots, but they get weird if you leave them out without refrigeration, so I guess I'll confirm or deny this, and then bring them next year. 

You'll most likely find me running around like a drunk idiot at night, since that seems to be my standard convention state (unless my stomach decides to be a bitch again like is has for the past RF and FC :<  ). 

You can find me either by me being a human girl (*gasp* what?) who is 6 feet tall, blonde, and wearing badges that say Se'kar (duh), and i'll probably be wearing either a bouncy blue jay tail, or a POOFY huge teal and white lemur tail. 
I can give you some pictures! :P 

My suits will be Leka, Koshari, or my new coyote (who isn't really technically a suit) who doesn't have a name yet.

Leka is a female teal and white fox, who is either a partial or full suit.  She looks like this! :  (minus that demon over there :P )  She's probably who i'll be bouncing around in most of the time, due to partialness.

Koshari is a black and white stripey male coyote, who looks like this!:   he only shows up as a full suit.

Coyote mask is awesome! This wonderful thing!  I just finished up some matching leg and arm warmers and a tail in that crazy cool fur as well.

SO YEAH! find me at FC, come say hi, buy me a drink, become my new best friend :P  Or just say hi :D

(P.S. new humping icon rules)
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30 Day Meme: Day 7, A Photo that makes you happy

So i'm trying to do anything that's not homework, and I just remember this meme thing :P

So i just went through my funny photos album, and laughed my ass off at all my funny internet pictures :D 
i came up with this one as the one that makes me the happiest: 

It just...makes me laugh SO MUCH!!!! I literally can't stop laughing my head  off right now :D  Just, just his expression, it's just freaking priceless :D :D :D 
I guess i also find it funny because I used to sleep on a fold out couch as my bed for the longest time and have seriously run into this problem, I'm pretty sure I also made that face


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Since i'm stuck at home tonight due to the headache from hell, i did it early this year :D 

I'm bummed though, I was going to go to this awesome jazz afrocuban funk concert at a local cafe and then go dancing at a club with friends, but noooo, I just had to work out earlier this evening which resulted in the most head-splitting headache :(

Lesson to be learned: working out is evil and it deprives you of fun times.  Also cupcakes are yummy :D
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Mystere Red bird and lizard

30 Day Meme: Day 6, Whatever tickles your fancy

Well look at that another day missed :P 

Something that tickles my fancy?  Probably the thing that tickles my fancy the most, (if you know me, you'll already know this) is Cirque du Soleil.  I'm crazy obsessed over them and squeal at *almost* everything they do (they do have their faults).  I've seen Mystere 4 times, "O" 2 times, Ka' 2 times, Love 1 times, Corteo 1 time, Ovo 1 times, Kooza 2 times, and Alegria 1 time though I really should make that 2 at this point seeing as I'm going to see it again this Friday.  So overall that's 15 live shows that I've been to.  Would have been able to add Zumanity onto the list, but I got kicked out because I wasn't 18 at the time.  I've also been backstage to both "O" and Ka'. 

They are really something else.  I really....just can't even start to put into words how amazing that company is.  They are probably THE most inspiring that I know of.  They started out as a simple small group of french-canadian street performers in Quebec, and by following Guy Lalibertie's dream, they made one trip down to LA, where they would either make it or flop and not even have enough money to get home.  And look at them now.  It's absolutely spectacular, the imagination, the creativity, the love that goes into each show.  There is something completely magical...there really is no other word than magical that can describe Cirque.  It is the highest level of artistry to be achieved.  

Here's a little mashup video, but pah, hardly anything worth like seeing a show, at least on DVD, but NOTHING compares to seeing it live.  THe atmosphere, the smells, the lights, the music, the tangible energy in the air, everything comes together during a live show to create a whole other world that you are able to share with not only with the other audience members but the performers themselves.

I should have put this on the favorite quote day, but it's from Alegria:
"If you have no voice: Scream. If you have no legs: Run. If you have no hope: Invent."

It's a truly inspiring quote that captures everything I love about Cirque.

Icon totally related, Mystere is my favorite show, and those two are my favorite characters, Red Bird and Lizard!

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30 Day Meme: Day 5, Favorite Quote

I don't have a favorite quote, there are way too many I have written down to chose just one.  But one that I quite like a lot, and actually pertains a lot to me, is a silly quote that my zoology professor said.

"so i'm out there, on a thursday night, in the middle of the woods with a knife, just covered from head to toe in blood and gore. This is it guys, this is what biologists do on thursday nights, get ready"

At home there's a place called Safari West, it's about 20 minutes from my house.  It's an animal preserve that has animals from all over Africa.  Whenever one of their animals die, Nick, the zoology professor, gets the carcass.  So he's got a stellar collection of african animals.  Well at one point, one of their ostriches died, and Nick went out that evening to pick it up.  They helped him load it into his truck, but that was it.  Now, ostriches are BIG, and there's no way you're going to deal with a full gown dead one by yourself.  Next door to Safari West is the Pepperwood preserve, a HUUUGE expanse of land that's being used for all kinda of research and whatnot, so it's mainly just one main lab building, and then hundreds of acres of untouched land.  So Nick goes over there, it's night time by now, and asks if he can go in to butcher this ostrich carcass, they know him so they say yeah.  And, thus the context of the quote :P

If you know me, you'll know exactly why this quote is relevant to my life (oh that deer carcass at 3am one Friday night :D )

On a side note, here's another great quote of his that is ALSO extremely relevant to my life

"I was in bed one night just staring off into space, and my wife asks 'science, sex, or carpentry' since those are the only things i think 1/3 of the time i'm thinking about intermediate fillaments and another 3rd of the time i'm thinking about screwing them"

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30 Day Meme: Day 4, Favorite Book

Hm, I have A LOT of favorite books, since I read a ton.  "Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers" by Mary Roach is an absolute gem (yes I'm a nerd :P ).  But, there are two books that I can go back and read over and over, and there is NO possible way for me to pick between them.  They are always my fallback books, and I've always had copies of either one of them whenever I travel.

They are "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" by Victor Hugo and "The Phantom of the Opera" by Gaston Leroux.  I seem to enjoy my 19th century French novels.  When I talk about either of these, I am NOT talking about their various film or stage adaptations.  No.  The novels, the originals.  In transition to film or stage, both stories have lost an incredible amount of what I love about them.  Specifically Phantom of the Opera.  What gives?  Throughout his various incarnations, he's gone from skeletor to Gerard Butler got a sunburn and he's a bit red and pufffy.  Not to mention his characterization.  In the book he's a dark, villainous, murderous, psychopath, whereas later on he turns into some lovesick puppy.  Both novels have so much to give, they have so much depth and wonderous character development.  Little tip, in Hunchback, Quasimodo is not a nice guy.  He kidnaps, he murders, he's ugly as sin.  Sure he's a wonderous tragic character, probably the epitome of what a tragic grotesque character is, but he's not all lovey dovey.  Also: Everybody dies! Screw you Disney! It has a MUCH more powerful ending, I end up in tears every single time I read it.

Seriously, these 2 novels.  There is so much about them, their authors have created these wonderous worlds out of places that already exist.  The characters that are in them are so varied and have such wonderful backgrounds.  It is such an absolute joy for me to read these two novels.

I own about, oh, 8 or 9 different editions/translations of Phantom, and 3 of Hunchback.  I've got a wonderful leatherbound copy of Hunchback, and am still unable to locate an old leather copy of Phantom.  If you happen to see one for sale, or up at auction PLEASE do tell me about it, because I have been searching for years, and it would just light up my life to get my hands on one.


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30 Day Meme, Day 3: Your Favorite TV Show

Wow, only on the third day and I've already missed a day :P  Oh well, school always comes first.

Anways, favorite tv show.  I don't watch very much TV, I don't even have cable.  But hands down, right now, the show that I am completely obsessed with is Doctor Who.  (I'd also have to jump on the David Tennant bandwagon as thinking him the best doctor).  I am known for loving cheesy stuff, and sci fi.  This show has just a wonderful balance of low budget, cheese, and actual drama.  Something about it, I just can't stop watching it.  It's absolutely amazing, go watch it now!!  The BBC always has the best stuff!

Also, I can't resist a tall skinny guy who dresses nice and (sometimes) has glasses :3

(excuse my moment of fangirl)


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30 Day Meme: Day 2, Favorite Movie

Favorite movie is an EASY pick for me.  Silence of the Lambs.  Hands down my absolute favorite movie of all time, I can watch it over and over, and still be completely enthralled by it.  This movie is actually one of the reasons I got into Psychology in the first place.  One of my main interests in the neuropsychology field is behaviorism, and more specifically with regards to serial killers and psychopaths.  Anthony Hopkins' portrayal of Dr. Hannibal Lecter is so very captivating, you always think that he's the main character and focus of the film.  But he's not, he's actually only a side character who helps Clarisse catch the killer Buffalo Bill, and he's actually only on screen for a bit less than 20 minutes total, yet he completely steals the show. 

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30 Day Meme: Day 1, Favorite Song

So I'm totally jacking this from beetlecat because it looked like something fun to do in these little moments every day when I'm not doing much (like right now, sitting in the basement of the psych department for half an hour)

I can't really pick a favorite song, or genre, or anything like that, I like almost all music.  So I'm just picking the most played from my itunes list.
It's called Blue Caravan by Vienna Teng.  I really love this artist, a friend introduced me to her music last year, and then brought me to a small intimate concert of hers later on.  I really really enjoy her music, and this song in particular, it's almost ethereal.

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